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Our debut EP

Fatimah Almeida – vocals, music, lyrics
Andreas Horber – vocals, music, lyrics, instruments

Feat. Vivian Bueno - soprano on “Laudamus te”

All arrangements by Andreas Horber


Instruments recorded at Scaletta Studio (Chur, Switzerland) by Andreas Horber between January and June 2010

Vocals recorded at Mamba Estúdio (São Paulo, Brazil) in July 2010 / Engineered by Alexandre “Aleba” Giaimo, www.estudiomamba.com.br

Mixed and mastered at Villa Z. (Chur, Switzerland) by Rico Oechlse and Yves Zogg in January 2011, www.sonicsoul.ch


Layout and graphics by Jean Synthex, www.myspace.com/synthex
Band photos taken by Ana Barbara Santos
Cover photo taken by Andreas Horber


EBORACUM would like to thank:
All family, friends and colleagues / everyone who participated and contributed to the making of this album / all befriended bands & artists.
Daniel Peres, Ellionai Medrado, Vivian Bueno, Aleba, Rico Oechsle, Yves Zogg, Ana Barbara Santos, Jean Synthex, Man Osti, Seu Waldir & Donna Iara (incl. Diana), Georgia Caldera, Marc Anthony Richard Skeete, Tubarão Tigre, Groundhog, Ervin Janz & 11AM, Tarihan.




© by Eboracummusic 2011


released September 24, 2011




Eboracum Chur, Switzerland

Eboracum is a musical project with two musicians: Fatimah Almeida from Brazil (voice, music, lyrics) and Andreas Horber from Switzerland (voice, music, instruments, lyrics).

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Track Name: Eboracum
(Music & Lyrics.: Fatimah Almeida)

A stream of feelings goes away
The silence of nature keeps this secret
I vanish as my thoughts pass from sight
I hide the wishes I yearn to make

But I need to leave
To go away
At least "clogs'll spark toneet"
I wish I could stay

“This is the land where you belong...”

Don't talk to me
Wizard from this distant land
No spells, no tricks
I cannot stay

The choir does not sing my fate
The ancient land still calls my name
The wind does not whisper signs
But at Minster I hear my old prayers


My soul seems to land
Although this is a foreign place
Visions give me a shallow pleasure
Shambling I will find my grave
Show me the way
Track Name: Praying for rain
Praying for rain
(Music: Andreas Horber, Lyrics: Fatimah Almeida)

Don't ask if it is too late
Don't blame me I am already so ashamed
Of myself for hiding my love
Instead of facing your absence

A dream within a dream
Only dried me inside
I recall the magical sign
Removed by your pride

I am praying for rain to wash
My hurtful loss away
I am diving off this faint bridge
Into a glimmering river I sink

But still dry
I am wandering around my regrets
For sleeping on your fake clouds
Foolishly I bore your crown


I’m still praying for rain
Track Name: A lack of patience
A lack of patience
(Music & Lyrics: Fatimah Almeida)

Distant lore
Dead fairytale
Untold stories
Trapped in a forsaken heart

Try to scream out
The feeling still remains
Black, purple

But the soul is fed up
Totally, completely
Messed up

Bring good energies then
The power of an old love
Otherwise only wine
Will make this affection alive

Try to scream out
The feeling still remains
Black, purple


Try to scream out
The feeling still remains
Black, purple

Track Name: Ribbons
(Music: Andreas Horber, Lyrics: Fatimah Almeida)

The rainbow has gone
You left me so early
In the middle of forgotten hills
I had to walk in circles
With no cues

My favourite star has gone
I was searching for the light
But you only left perfect doubts
Under darkest clouds
A tiresome treason

Take these ribbons from my hands
I cannot hold them anymore
Take these ribbons from my hands
I cannot hold them...anymore

The candle has gone
You left me a wicked lesson
Which I wish I could leave behind
But I’ve begged for a review
It is stuck on my mind

Finally I feel
I’ll get over this blame
I’ve listened to astonishing sounds, they sing:
“Take another way”


Track Name: Ghost chasing your way
Ghost chasing your way
(Music & Lyrics: Fatimah Almeida, Poem: Andreas Horber)

You loved me when
I didn't have a face
You loved me when
I didn't have a name

I was a ghost chasing your way...

You screamed your feelings when
I could only whisper mine
You soothed my mind when
I knew I was losing the fight

I was a ghost chasing your way...

I was a ghost chasing your way
So scared I could not stay
Once I thought I could achieve this dream
Dancing in the arms of this harsh fate
So I faded away again

I was a ghost chasing your way...

We're climbing the same mountain
We're watching the sunrise, sunset
We're hiding the feeling behind the rainbow
Although we don't know who we are

I was a ghost chasing your way...

Your way
Your way

I was a ghost chasing your way...

In tieu suspir
D’he trat mieu fled
Ed in ün singul surir
D’he vis l’eternited

Brancland quist sömmi vöd
Aunz cha’l di l’invoula
Pruvand in qualche möd
Ma l’utschè mê pü svoula

Scu üna staila naira
D’eir‘ in ta vita, d’eir‘ eau preschaint
Rest eau per te, es que vaira
Per adün’ be ün spiert incuntschaint?

Track Name: Today and Evermore
Today and evermore
(Music: Andreas Horber, Lyrics: traditional Celtic prayer)

Come, my light,
My Lord, my way.
Come, my lantern,
Night and day.

Come, my healer,
Make me whole.
Come, my Saviour,
Protect my soul.

Come, my King,
Enter my heart.
Come, holy presence,
Never depart.

You, Lord God, are
Strength for my task,
Light for my way,
Peace for my mind,
Power for this day,
Presence with me now,
Love for alway.


Light of the world,
Bless all who are in darkness,
Shine upon us in love.
Give us your joy.

Be with the despairing,
Support the depressed.
Give us your hope,
Give us your peace.

Come, my light,
My Lord, my way.
Lighten our darkness,
Today and evermore...

Track Name: Laudamus te
Laudamus te
(Music: Andreas Horber, Lyrics: excerpt from the Roman Missal)

Laudamus te
Benedicimus te
Adoramus te
Glorificamus te