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Eboracum: Andy Horber & Fatimah Almeida
Technomind: Marcelo Roth technomind.bandcamp.com

About brainwave entrainment:

This album is embedded with theta brainwave pulses using what is known as Brainwave Entrainment technology. Essentially, entrainment is a process of synchronising two different rhytmics so that they become harmonious. In this case, these two rythmics are your brain waves and the theta pulses that are embedded in this audio.

Theta waves have been associated with states of enhanced creativity, learning, deeper relaxation, daydreaming and sleep. Theta is also known as a highly suggestible state, where affirmations and hypnosis are most effective. So, synchronizing your brain with the theta frequency, together with the embedded background sounds of arctic wind and rain, help you to relax and unwind while you listen to our music.

Cover art by Jean Pierre www.behance.net/sinthie


released June 17, 2014




Eboracum Chur, Switzerland

Eboracum is a musical project with two musicians: Fatimah Almeida from Brazil (voice, music, lyrics) and Andreas Horber from Switzerland (voice, music, instruments, lyrics).

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